Level 1 Music Theory Game: Bananas & Ladders

I made this game over the Summer to add some fun to my level 1 students’ lessons, and it’s been a hit!

This game covers lots and lots of level 1 concepts so it’s perfect for reviewing towards the end of a book, and making sure nothing is missing. The game play is based off the classic ‘snakes and ladders’, but the snakes are replaced by bananas. 😉

bananas and ladders

Bananas and ladders music theory board game for level 1 piano students.(Click the image to download the pdf)

There are four different sets of music theory game cards, to match the four different squares you might land on.

  • Red is musical symbols
  • Yellow is note names
  • Blue covers time values, and
  • Green tests intervals (both on the staff and in letter names)

bananas and ladders full board

What’s in the pdf?

  • Small sized game board
  • Large sized game board (This is split over four sheets, but there is also a large versions so you can send it to a commercial printer if you wish.)
  • Four sets of game cards

What else do you need?

  • Game tokens
  • Dice

How to Assemble

  • Get the pdf by filling in your details below.
  • Print the game instruction and your chosen sized board (you do not need both game boards).
  • Print the game cards double sided.
  • Cut apart the game cards.
  • Laminate everything if possible.
  • If using the large game board carefully tape the pieces together at the back.

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How to Play

  • Place tokens on circle to start.
  • Each player takes turns to roll the dice.
  • The player moves to that space, and takes a corresponding card.
  • If they correctly name the musical symbol/interval/note shown on the card, the player moves an extra step. If incorrect the player stays on the space.
  • If the space landed on has a ladder, and the player answer the question correctly, the player moves up the ladder.
  • If the space landed on has a banana and the player answers incorrectly the player slides down the banana.
  • The first to reach the star is the winner.

What other games would you like to see?

Is there a concept that you wish was covered in a game somehow? Or a resource that your studio is missing?

Please let me know in the comments and I’ll try to cover it soon!

10 thoughts on “Level 1 Music Theory Game: Bananas & Ladders”

  1. Love it! I will be printing this off to play with my students and I know they’ll have a blast! Thank you so much for sharing this with us! I’m happy to see you’re blogging again! Missed your posts!

    • Glad you like it Kirstie! Yes I’m back, was just sorting out the website move to the new domain name. More to come soon, let me know if you have any special requests!

    • Hi Erica, I’ve added the large game board version above. It’s just under where it says “What’s in the pdf?”. Hope you and your students have fun with it! 🙂

  2. May i please have a download of your bananas and ladders game. Thank you. It looks super. Need to keep my two boys keen at learning!!

  3. Is there any way in which you can help me to teach my grandaughter via Zoom? I live in the UK, she lives in Canada! It’s gone well so far but I need to bring a bit of excitement into the lessons! She is 13.


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